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General Terms​ :
At Studious31, we consider each and every project with utmost priority. Sometimes there will be slight delay in delivery time due to lot's of orders in queue or due to some technical issues but it will be informed to you in advance. We try our best to deliver every project on time.
We Never use any copyright content like images, videos, illustrations, music, sound effects etc. If you want us to use it then it would be your responsibility if there are any circumstances
We never ask for money directly. It would be communicated through our formal legal invoice
By giving us project, you agree to Studious31 using your participation in publicity materials and listing your company as a customer on the Distilled website
Studious31 reserves the right to vary these terms from time to time. If you choose not to accept updated terms, access to the service will be revoked.
Delivery Policy :
We will deliver at given time but it might change as per change in project requirements or due to some issues at our end.
If there are any issues with final delivery you can connect with us on info@studious31.com or connect with us on whatsapp using whatsapp support button on website.
If you are not satisfied with the final delivery of project we will do the revisions as per discussion
We don't refund amount if work is done on the project. We will initiate in rare and special cases..
Refund Policy :
If guaranteed work have not been delivered then 50% amount will be refunded
We ask for 50% advance payment and 50% after deliver of final product
We don't give full refunds if we have worked on the project. Refund will given on the remaining work
For any refund related queries you can connect with us at info@studious31.com

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